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Started by ThePopmop

Howdy, I'm Pop but you can just call me Pop.
I'm an Admin here on Minecrime, if you need help or have any questions relating to the server you can @ me in the discord, or shoot me a DM.
(at your own risk, I've been known to bite)

You can also message me if:
  - You want to start a cult.
  - You want to try out a new restaurant, or have a good recipe.
  - You want to collaborate on a Multi-level Marketing Scheme.
  - You have blueprints for a world ending device.

By reading this thread you acknowledge that Minecri.me is not responsible for any Injury, Death, Planetary Devastation, Financial Losses (or gains), or Culinary Masterpieces caused by or created in collaboration with Minecrime Admin ThePopmop

Please read the Minecrime Terms and Conditions 
for more information.

ThePopmop [Minecrime Administrator]