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Started by Beeman

Have a suggestion on how we can improve our network? Please follow the guidelines in this post before making your suggestion so that it covers all the following information:

  • The gamemode you're making your suggestion for. If it's applicable on all servers, use global. If it's for discord or forums, please specify.
  • A description of the suggestion you're making. Consider the following in your description:
    • Who's the suggestion for? (Will it be for a certain donator rank or all players?)
    • What is the suggestion?
    • Where does the suggestion get implemented? (Specific parts of the world, at spawn, everywhere, etc.)
    • Why should the suggestion be implemented?
    • How does the suggestion improve gameplay?
  • Any applicable links or screenshots that will make it easier for staff to understand what your suggestion is and possibly any further reading on how to implement it (like a plugin page).

Ensuring you follow the above guidelines will expedite the process in which we're able to implement your suggestions. We appreciate all constructive feedback and criticism and are looking forward to your input 😉.


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